Running on Empty

Susan Irene Fox


I’m scheduled for surgery in eleven days. While on the one hand I look forward to it, on the other hand, I am anxious because surgery is extremely serious. I will be “under” for about five hours. Outwardly, I have lots of energy; I’ve been extremely productive over the past couple of weeks. Inside, however, I have no energy to prep for my after-care or think about what the after-effects of the surgery may bring.

I’m not allowed to lift my arms above my shoulders for four weeks. I cannot cook or clean or lift anything during my recovery. This includes washing my hair, doing laundry, reaching for plates, or taking out my garbage. Thankfully, I can shower after two days, but I need to rely on help from friends and neighbors.

I have cooked and cleaned for others who had need here in my senior housing community –…

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